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1. Bethsemane
Pet or familiar belonging to Sidriss. A Cheshire Cat and therefore prone to invisibility. Motley once feared that it might eat him - he was under a MOUSE spell at the time, after all.
 [Related Image] By Series 7, Sidriss had learned a spell to make her cat appear: "felinas revele!" She used it when Bethsemane hissed at dungeoneer Ben from Team 5 of Series 7, making visible a giant black cat (which looked identical to the cat into which Sidriss had transformed Marta, three quests previously). Bethsemane vanished when Sidriss told her to "scat".

Contradicting Sidriss' dialogue, Motley referred to the "Cheshire moggie" as male. Given that Bethsemane's anatomy tended to be invisible, perhaps the mistake is excusable.

Bethsemane was referred to in the the 'Sidriss's Diary' section of The Quest, Issue 2.1:

'I feed my cat Bethsemane. She likes a saucer of Cheshire Milk which can be difficult to find because it's invisible. So I can't always tell if I'm pouring milk on the cat or in the saucer, if you see what I mean.'

A character named Bethsemane Saxon-Bryce appears in Ricky/Skarkill's fanfic The Fastest Draw In The Dungeon. This Bethsemane is an apothecary employed by Lord Fear to work on enslaving Rio.

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