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1. BAG
 [Related Image] Hordriss issued this spell to Team 6 of Series 5, to be used in retrieving Elita's voice, which had become separated from her. The team first tried to cast the spell on a haunting, but there was no effect: the letters of the spell did not even appear on the screen. The team retained BAG - they were seemingly 'let off' (unless their blunder put them into losing status - but we cannot be certain of that).

Later in Level 2, dungeoneer Alex encountered a disembodied mouth that dispensed insults in Elita's voice. BAG was spellcast, causing a sack to appear that rose up to the mouth and 'bagged' it [clip available on the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel]. The team then summoned Elita, and she found that she had her voice back.

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