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1. Arthur
Arthur was a silent character who appeared in RPG Season 4. He was part of The Foresters, and ironically played by Forester, but never appeared in any scenes with a speaking part. He was often very drunk. At one point Robin and Lance were singing a merry song (We're Not Complaining) and he fell off his stool in an alcohol-induced torpor.

"Arthur" was originally used as the provisional name for the character who eventually became Robin. It was reused in RPG Season 5 and RPG Season 6 as the first name of Neutral messenger Farnham. As Farnham was played by Matt, it's a safe speculation that this is not the same character as the drunk in Season 4.

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2. Arthur
 [Related Image] Arthur (surname: Wells or Welles) was the 11-year-old dungeoneer who quested in the Knightmare VR pilot, albeit in virtual reality 'avatar' form. His cousin Vishar served as his advisor.
 [Related Image] Arthur followed in the footsteps of many of his Knightmare dungeoneer predecessors by spying on Lord Fear and Lissard, negotiating his way past an ogre, giving a password, surviving a life-or-death floor puzzle (in this case, Slice Me Dice Me), encountering a gargoyle and meeting an elf maiden. He broke new dungeoneering ground by not having his eyes covered by the Helmet of Justice, and by casting a spell (PICKMEUP) himself.

In the face of scepticism from Ellie, Arthur confirmed that he was using his real name.

Arthur is thought to be related to Mark Wells, who worked on Knightmare as an assistant producer and later at Televirtual, who made KMVR.

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