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1. Acme Persuader
 [Related Image] A small mallet, encountered as a clue object by Team 7 of Series 6, and named in an accompanying scroll. When the dungeoneer Chris tested it in the supply chamber, by striking a bench with it, a giant mallet appeared in the air, mimicking the hammering action. However, the scroll's instructions were to 'tap on table top to make new friends', and Pickle suggested that using the Persuader on a bench was risky for the user.
 [Related Image] The team applied the Acme Persuader during an encounter with Julius Scaramonger, whom they found drinking at a table. By causing the giant mallet to knock him on the head, he was persuaded to let the the dungeoneer have a key that they later used to free Elita from a locked chest.
 [Related Image] 'ACME' (the Ancient Greek word for perfection) would seem to be an homage to the fictional Acme company, which makes zany/obscure contraptions used in Warner Brothers cartoons (such as those shown on What’s Up Doc?).

SEE ALSO: ANVIL, ACME self operating danger horn.

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