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1. Academy of Magic
The "Level 2 Academy of Magic" was Hordriss' grandiose name for the rather spartan classroom in Knightmare Series 7.

Evoking the setting of his "Level 3 Entrance Examination For Aspiring Sorcerers' Apprentices" in Series 6, the academy consisted of little more than a blackboard, seating for unidentified dungeon folk, and Hordriss himself as "presiding mage".
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 7 visited the academy and were able to warn Hordriss and Sidriss that Hordriss' birthday present was not what it seemed (see: Detect Trap powder). In gratitude, he revealed a descender to Level 3 in the back wall.

Team 7 of Series 7 encountered a locum: with Hordriss absent, "first-level lore mistress" Sidriss was attempting to teach the class of "students and apprentices", albeit fewer in number than in the previous quest. Fidjit was present and he let dungeoneer Barry Thorne into the firebomb room via a locked portal at the back of the classroom.

The Level 2 Academy of Magic was identified by Knightmare fan Canadanne is being based on Dragon Hall's Great Hall, as the Crazed Heifer was.

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