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1. Lord Fear’s Diary
A regular column in the last two years of KAC newsletter The Quest, offering a comical glimpse of the technosorcerer's latest schemes. It is believed to have been written by production manager Sue Child. The third and fourth editions were subtitled "A week in the life of an immortal".

Notable revelations included:
- The firebomb room apparently being powered by "the Mendacity Engine".
- Early mentions of Miremen, the Golden Galleon (or 'The Spirit of Dead Dungeoneers') and Bhal-Shebah (then called Scaborous) before the filming of Series 8.
- A description of how Skeletrons were created with the help of magical creatures called Scurriers.
- Lissard using the defunct Pool of Veracity as a goldfish bowl.

Lord Fear's Diary can be read on
Winter 1993
Spring 1994
Autumn 1994
Summer 1995

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