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1. Peñafiel Castle
A 15th century castle in the town of Peñafiel, in the Valladolid province of Spain. Built on the long, narrow mountain ridge that protected the town (Peñafiel is Spanish for "faithful rock"), it has an unusual layout resembling a ship.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at Peñafiel Castle:

 [Related Image] A troll was found patrolling the entrance. Team 6 of Series 7 used INSIGHT powder from Rothberry to get past it, before proceeding up the steps.
 [Related Image] Team 1 of Series 7 met Romahna in the north patio. She gave them directions to Smirkenorff's nesting ledge, which involved walking up the steps to the high door.
 [Related Image] The castle could be seen from a distance during the end credits of Series 7 episode 8.

Castillo de Peñafiel now houses the Provincial Wine Museum, and is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

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