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1. Transporter Pad
From TES issue 10 (July 2001)

Series 4. Level 3.
 [Related Image] This obstacle was set between two walls, with ledges jutting out, and a large strip of floor and an exit beneath, only accessible by being transported by magic from the top ledge to the bottom ledge. An armoured knight stood on one ledge, swinging his sword menacingly; he had to be avoided! The ledges each had three flagstones; a grey one bordered by two red ones. The object of the puzzle was to step carefully onto either the left or right red square and then step back into the middle, thus being transported to a lower ledge and making progress towards the door whilst avoiding the knight. Pickle introduced this idea to the team, who then had to work out the moves for themselves. It was less complicated than it seemed, as Alistair and Dickon found out when they attempted it, involving a total of one sidestep right followed by two sidesteps left. Series 4 ended in this chamber, just before Giles had started to attempt the puzzle.
 [Related Image] Difficulty: 7 A lot of thought was involved.
Killer Instinct: 0 Failed to get the better of anyone.
Gore Factor: 0 The knight's sword failed to make contact.
Fairness: 7 Less complicated than it seemed.

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