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1. pills
Several different kinds of pills appeared as clue objects in Knightmare:
 [Related Image] - Team 3 of Series 1 found a jar simply labelled 'Pills' in Level 2. They turned out to be Merlin's misplaced headache tablets.

A bottle of headache pills is also available from the Level 1 clue room in the first Knightmare gamebook, Can You Beat The Challenge. They can either be offered to Lillith or swallowed by the player during an encounter with Jasper.

- Downers and Uppers, used by Team 6 of Series 4 to change Dickon's size.

- Brain Pills, probably meant for Sidriss but rejected by Team 4 of Series 8, which may well have contributed to their demise.

- Power To Rule pills (a gift for Maldame?), found by Team 7 of Series 8 but not used before the programme finished.

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