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A spell that was used twice in Series 2, wrongly on one occasion, yet still for the same purpose each time.
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 2 made use of it first. They collected it piecemeal during their quest: F from beneath the legs of Ariadne, R from a room inhabited by a catacombite, and the two Es in Level 3 locations. The team was then able to cast FREE at the end of the level, liberating Gretel and successfully completing the 'free the maid' quest.
(In a tenuous sense, FREE was used twice in this quest, having been spelt out during the casting of a FREEZER spell too.)
 [Related Image] Team 9 of Series 2 acquired FREE for free. Dungeoneer Jamie simply had to turn over a talisman that was somehow imprisoning a talking cavern wraith. (Uniquely, 'Gift Spell: FREE' appeared on the screen as a result; perhaps because the cavern wraith's reedy voice made it difficult to hear the name of the spell.) The spell was cast later in Level 2 to liberate Gretel, by causing the disintegration of the web behind which Ariadne had trapped the maid. (Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson may assert that the best things in life are free, but many more would insist that Gretel was best when she wasn't free.) It has been postulated by some fans that the team could have used FREE to save Jamie too, by having positioned him next to an exit, prior to the spellcasting.

Series 3's sixth team collected a letter F during their quest; and since that too was a 'free the maid' excursion, it is reasonable to infer that had they got further into Level 3, they would have found R and two Es and ended up with FREE.

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