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1. Young Grimwold
 [Related Image] Name given by Julius Scaramonger to an ogre who was assisting him on his stall during the quest of Team 6 of Series 6. Presumed to be the progeny of Grimwold and Mrs. Grimwold. Young Grimwold appeared once, and never spoke. He is seemingly referred to by Tim Child in an issue of The Quest as being vegetarian.

While some fans regard the ogre seen with Rothberry during Series 7 as Young Grimwold, this is unconfirmed.

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2. Young Grimwold
Young Grimwold has two spin-off incarnations, loosely based on the version seen in Knightmare (see other definition). One is as a character on the Knightmare Roleplay Forum, played by David (Drassil). Another is as a fanfiction character, who appears in the stories I, Julius and Young And Old (itself a distillation of material from Surrounds), both authored by Drassil.

The backstory for both incarnations is largely the same: after an unfortunate encounter with Mellisandre, who did not requite his love, Young Grimwold fled the Dungeon. During this period, the ogre made the acquaintance of Brother Mace, Captain Nemanor, Ridolfo and an Atlantean or two. Young Grimwold, also known as YG, returned from his travels on Mrs. Grimwold's request, whereupon he was given the task of finding the missing Festus. YG has a sensitivity and intellect at odds with his ogrish savagery, frequently making life an internal and external struggle for him. One of his most challenging experiences was his participation in Battle Royale: Knightmare. Later he discovered, via confessions from Mrs. Grimwold and Hordriss, that he has a long-lost older brother, Ergo Grimwold, whom YG became determined to find.

Young Grimwold's story on Knightmare Roleplay was concluded in 2017.

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