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1. Xanthous
From the Greek for yellow. During The Quest For The Dragon’s Egg, the player may catch Motley singing: 'Islanders of xanthous gaze are noted for their truthful ways'. This turns out to be a clue.

If the player succeeds in reaching the island of Blepharos aboard the Pendragon, they encounter two native tribes, one with yellow eyes and one with green. (The Greek for eyelid is blepharon.) The yellow-eyed islanders, if asked in which direction the Pendragon should head in order to reach the Draconis Islands, give an honest reply.

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2. Xanthous
Word mentioned by Motley in the sixth Knightmare book, The Dragon’s Lair, referring to eye colour. It means 'yellow'.

Notable as one of the very few Knightmare-related words to begin with the letter X.

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