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1. Wycliffe
ITV crime drama series produced from 1993 to 1998, set and filmed in the Brollachan's homeland of Cornwall. Like The Bill, Wycliffe has seen guest appearances from the following Knightmare actors:
 [Related Image] John Woodnutt (Merlin / Mogdred) played Dr Angwin, a family GP in the 1995 episode Wild Oats.
 [Related Image] Tom Karol (Olaf / Bumptious / Mrs. Grimwold) played marine accident investigator Peter Marsh in the 1996 episode Total Loss.
 [Related Image] Bill Cashmore (Snapper-Jack / Honesty Bartram / Bhal-Shebah) played Smith, a grim-faced officer representing NCIS and HMCE, in the 1997 Christmas special Dance Of The Scorpions.

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