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1. Where The Heart Is
ITV drama series which ran for 110 episodes, across 10 series, between 1996 and 2006, the year in which it was cancelled. Filmed in West Yorkshire, it presumably takes its name from the proverb 'Home is where the heart is'.

A surprising connection between Where The Heart Is and Knightmare was identified by Knightmare Dave, who posted about it on the network54 Knightmare Discussion Forum on 15/01/02:

'hi peeps whist supposedly revising for french ha like thats happening i was wathcing the so called daytime tv and repeats of original where the heart is were on in a clip where 2 nurses went to a house 2 children were watching tv and there it was series 6 of knightmare where january was in fron of the drednaught i was quite suprised as the first series did not get releases until 1997 so i wonder how they got hold of that???
wow anyway just thought id mention it'

In 2016, forum member Canadanne identified the episode of Where The Heart Is as "Series 1 Episode 6 ('Dream', first aired on 11th May 1997)", confirming that it included a clip of Team 4 of Series 6 encountering the Dreadnort: 'the relevant scene is from 32:08 to 32:46, though you only see the TV screen for a couple of seconds at 32:26. Not sure why the theme music is playing loudly throughout this encounter.'

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Episodes of Where The Heart Is made in or before 2002 were co-produced by Anglia Television who were also responsible for Knightmare.

See also: The Bill

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