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1. Wall Aid 11
"And there won't be food for Brangwen Shee this quest mess time..."

In 2005, several #knightmare members thought it would be a wheeze to record a real-llife version of a filk by Drassil entitled 'Do They Know It's Quest Mess?', to the tune of the famous Band Aid / Band Aid II / Band Aid 20 song. Drassil and Darren thought it up back on the 5th December 2004, and the original name was Wall Aid 10, as that's how many years it'd been since Knightmare finished.

It was released in #knightmare at the stroke of midnight on the 24th of December, 2005, and for the curious, it can be downloaded from here. [Lexicon moderator's note: download removed in 2018.]

The singers were, for those who can't be bothered to look on the site: Billy Hicks (also the cover artist), Cocodude, Darren, Drassil (the author), Kieran, Malefact, and Pooka, who also produced it.

Pooka went on to cover it during a live concert around Christmas 2007, wearing a 'Feed The Walls' T-shirt. Billy was in the audience at the time.

In addition to the original track, two more were produced: a sped-up version named "AS&T's Chipmunk Mix", and a track named "Feed The Walls", featuring the members of Wall Aid recording spoken messages, parodying the charity element of the original.

All three related tracks were later included in the Sing Back Knightmare: 2005-2010 pack.

Provided By: Pooka, 2012-01-10 19:53:22
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