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1. Vestala
There is Lexicon article on the elf that lists the 'seven elves in Knightmare [including Knightmare VR the Knightmare RPGs] so far', from Velda in KM Series 3 (1989) to Isilmé in RPG7 (filmed 2005). For some reason, no mention is made of Vestala.
 [Related Image] Vestala was a female elf who appeared in RPG Season 2 in 2000. With a wolf called Logan (female in Session 2, male in Session 7) as her companion, she was seen in her home glen on Level 1 or an identical clearing on Level 2.

Vestala was portrayed in text form by Adam Battersby and drawn by Tiger Fish Studios a.k.a. Sidriss Starshine a.k.a. Lucy, who revealed on her website at the time that Vestala was 'one of the best self portraits I have done. (And, yes, my hair really is that long!!) I love placing myself in stories, this is just another extension of that!!'

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