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1. Theodora Snitch
 [Related Image] Theodora Snitch is a young thief who appears in the second level of the Dungeon in the 2013 Geek Week YouTube Episode and was one of the three new characters introduced in that episode.

She is encountered by Dungeoneer Stuart in the first room of the second level and prevents him from acquiring some food by ransacking the only chest in the corridor and taking the apple contained within. Daisy recognises her and describes her as “That thieving little brat” before also going on to say of her that “she’ll steal anything that’s not nailed down”. Daisy also reveals interestingly that there is a banishing spell on Theodora that keeps her from entering the dungeon’s clue rooms as she would steal the items inside preventing the Dungeoneers from being able to gain the means to complete their quests.

Theodora was a cheerful and friendly if somewhat cheeky character quickly nicknaming Stuart ‘Beefy’ “Cus yer got those cow horns and I doubt you’re very bright”. This characterisation mixed with her profession of thief makes her seem like a cross between Stiletta and Elita. She also partially disproves Daisy’s assertion that she’ll steal anything from anyone when she points out that with Stuart being blinded by the Helmet of Justice she could “Steal yer blind, except it’s beneath my professional pride to do so”.

Theodora makes a pact with Stuart that he will do a little bit of spying for her, using the spyglass that can be found in the clue room of level 2 that due to the banishing spell she is unable to enter, in order to find out where Lord Fear has hidden what Theodora refers to as a “Goblin Sticker” and in return she’ll help him get to level 3. However due to Stuart dying on the Slice Me Dice Me puzzle soon after there meeting we never found out what this help would have been or what exactly a ‘Goblin Sticker’ is, though fan speculation has been that the term refers to the weapon that Lord Fear says the goblin called Garstang is currently in possession of.

Theodora Snitch was played by Jessie Cave (famous for appearing in the Harry Potter film series as Lavender Brown) and her character and performance were possibly the most popular of the new additions introduced into the Knightmare universe in the Geek Week episode.

In January 2014 Theodora Snitch became a character on the Knightmare Roleplay Forum.

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