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1. The Void Of Creativity
A fanfic co-written by Andrew Buckley and Sidriss Starshine (a.k.a. Lucy), published on NKTP in October 2000.

The authors are also the story's protagonists, who find themselves mysteriously whisked away from their computers and led into scenes from several Knightmare fanfics they have written previously. These include Phase And Phase Again, The Valley Of Dreaming, The Truth Of The Dungeon (a Doctor Who crossover), The Clearing (with a mention of its sequel, In The Afterlife, Nobody Can Hear You Scream), and Can This Really Be The End.

During their visit to the TARDIS, the Third Doctor realises that a Psychovore is feeding off their mental energy, and can only be stopped if they find a way to escape the dungeon.

An archived copy of the story can be read here.

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