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1. The Future King
Title of the adventure gamebook section of The Dragon's Lair. The quest is to rescue the future king of England from a castle where he is being held.

The player begins with the Helmet of Justice and two other 'possessions': the Lance of Truth and the Shield of Honour. These are essentially pieces of armour, and the quest can still succeed if any or all are lost. In fact, it proves advantageous in some encounters not to have one of them (e.g. not having the helmet on makes the adventurer less conspicuous to phantom gipsies).

While the player is restricted to six possessions or less, they may 'carry' an unlimited number of spells.

The following Knightmare characters appear in The Future King: Brother Mace, Hordriss, Gwendoline the Greenwarden, Aesandre, the Gatemaster. There is also a range of faerie creatures, including trolls, pookas, spriggans, drows and leprechauns.

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