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1. The Cure For Disruption
Crossover fanfic written by Drassil (David) in 2011. After Enter, Leaper, I, Julius and The Endless Quest, it is his fourth story to combine characters and elements from Knightmare and Quantum Leap.

This time, Sam Beckett leaps into wellway guard Gibbet. Though Gibbet was only seen in Knightmare Series 1, the story is set during Series 2. The title refers to the Oracle of Confusion's pronouncement that "the cure for disruption is unity".

Shorter than its predecessors, The Cure For Disruption can be read on or It was once referred to in a reader's tweet as a slashfic, despite containing no scenes of that nature.

Provided By: David, 2016-03-25 17:14:10
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