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1. Team 2 of Series 4
From TES issue 27 (May 2004)
 [Related Image] Series 4.
Quest: The Shield.
Dungeoneer: Alistair Gill.
Advisors: Harry, Martin and James.
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Home town: Woodbridge.
Team score: 8 out of 10.

A high-quality quest from series 4 this time, which came to a thrilling but tragic end.
 [Related Image] Level One: After a wobbly start on the Spindizzy and a stumble onto the path with the Shield above the door, Alistair meets Dooris, the weeping door. The team answer all three questions correctly, and Alistair goes on to meet Malice. The team strike up a deal with the sinister sorceress to find a green gem for her later in their quest, and to call her with the calling name Merris when they have it. A walk through the Forest of Dunn is next for Alistair, where Brother Mace shares with him some useful information about elf paths. In Oakley's glade, the team again get three out of three riddles correct, and Alistair picks up a key and a packet of aniseed. He leaves behind a gold bar, which could have been used to bribe Fatilla at the Castle of Doom. However, Alistair manages to flatter the Barbarian guard and is allowed to pass by anyway. A goblin horn is heard during an eye shield sequence, so the aniseed is thrown down to lead the goblins off Alistair's trail. In the wellway room, Pickle and the team spot an assassin, and Alistair scares it off before descending to level two.
 [Related Image] Level Two: Alistair rescues Gundrada from the [pillory], and she accompanies him further into the level. The pair meet Hordriss, who is none too pleased to see Gundrada as he has only just put her in the [pillory]! However, he decides to let the matter go and gifts Alistair and Gundrada with one self-activating spell each. Alistair gets one called SLOW, and Gundrada gets one called ADORE. Gundrada then helps Alistair onto a conveyer belt, which leads to the clue room. There is a solitary bar of gold on the table, and Alistair manages to convince Gundrada that he should have it as payment for releasing her from the [pillory]. Fatilla then turns up and challenges Gundrada to combat, but the ADORE spell self-activates. Fatilla starts prostrating himself in front of Gundrada and declaring his undying love, while she waves her sword around to try and get rid of him. As the love-struck pair are holding Alistair up, the SLOW spell activates and Alistair is able to get away from Fatilla and Gundrada as they are slowed down by Hordriss's magic. A meeting with Merlin follows. The wizard is disguised as a peddler, and he sells Alistair a red slipper in exchange for the gold. The slipper is possessed of the spell RUN. After scoring three out of three with Doorkis, Alistair reaches Ariadne's lair. Here he picks up another bar of gold, and the team cast RUN so that Alistair can escape from the giant spider. The gold pays the cowled ferryman to row Alistair across the Dunswater to the Tower of Time, where he goes down a purple staircase and into level three.

Level Three: In the clue room, Alistair finds the green gem. He calls Malice, and she gifts him the spell HERO as a reward. The team choose a bottle of poison and a gold-streaked cloth from the table. They successfully complete the challenge of the Transporter Pad, but then become the first team to be pitted against the Corridor of Blades. Ah, the poor little souls! Alistair is just not quick enough to respond to his advisors' instructions, and is quickly sawn in half. What a shocking and tragic end to a high-quality quest.

Summary: A very good team and an excellent attempt, but a new and tricky obstacle claimed poor Alistair in the end.

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