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1. Team 2 of Series 1
From TES issue 54 (November 2008)
 [Related Image] Series 1
Quest: To survive the Dungeon.
Dungeoneer: Maeve McEvoy.
Advisors: Christina, David and Lee.
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Home towns: Rawtenstall and Edenfield, Lancashire.
Team score: 2 out of 10.

This was the second team ever to attempt the quest, so I suppose it’s a bit unfair to judge them too harshly. However, I think few people would disagree that they fared rather badly, and the reason for this was that they failed to take into account one important rule of taking part in a Knightmare quest – when you get to a clue room, take two objects, not just one!
 [Related Image] Level One: Maeve’s quest begins in the traditional four-door [simple starter] chamber, where she has to walk on some letters on the floor to spell out the word SESAME, which causes one of the locked doors to open. She progresses into a room where a large snake appears from behind a broken doorway; a swift exit is required here. A quick jaunt through a bomb room leads on to the level one clue room, where Granitas is on guard.
 [Related Image] Poor old Granitas has a hard time getting Maeve to shut up while he asks his riddles, but eventually he manages to get them all out, and the team score an impressive three out of three. Granitas is forced to part with maximum information, clearly indicating that Maeve should take a bar of soap and a comb from the table. However, the advisors do not consider Granitas’s words carefully enough, and end up taking just the soap by itself – oh dear!
 [Related Image] The next chamber is Lillith’s cavern, and the grumpy sorceress is in a foul mood because her hair is in a tangled mess. She demands that Maeve present her with a gift, and all she has to offer is the soap. ”A block of soap? Kindly explain how I am to comb my hair with that!” – Lillith. Yes, they needed the comb, and without it, they can do nothing to stop Lillith taking the ground from under Maeve’s feet: ”I have no time for those who bumble, so boulders crack and that ledge crumble!” – Lillith.

Summary: They didn’t really know what they were doing, and it showed. A very poor attempt, but they were going in blind, so I suppose I’ll have to forgive them.

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