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1. Sylvester The Jester
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Sylvester The Jester is, as his name suggests, a jester who appears in the first level of the Dungeon and was one of the three new characters to appear in the 2013 Geek Week YouTube Knightmare Episode.

He is encountered by the Dungeoneer Stuart in the second room of the level 1, just prior to the Clue Room of that level. He tasks Stuart with recovering something for him something he describes as “A Bauble a Trinket nothing more.” – Sylvester The Jester. However it turns out in fact to be Stuart’s way down into Level 2 as it is in fact Sylvester’s ‘All purpose pyrotechnic’ which Sylvester, in reward for Stuart returning it to him, uses to destroy Ariadne’s web which is blocking the way into The Descender.

Sylvester dresses in a jester outfit that is deep red and pale brown in colour, has his face painted (Just like Folly used to) with white & red face paint, carries a jester’s stick the face of which is a sad looking one and uses medieval phrases such as “Thee” and “Verily” in his speech. Even though he helps Stuart get out of Level 1 Sylvester in contrast to his predecessors as the resident Dungeon jester Folly & Motley is not a straightforward good guy and seems a lot greyer in his morals and alliances then those previous Jesters. He himself admits he is a liar: “But there again I lied. Lying is such a necessary act in the underworld I do so find.” And Daisy says it was he who was responsible for tricking her into taking the position of cleaner of Knightmare Castle when she thought she was taking a position of trainee sorceress. He is also very brusque and rather condescending in how he talks to Stuart when they first meet.

Sylvester The Jester is a rather odd character with some of his dialogue and other characters’ dialogue in regards to him does suggest that there may in fact be more to him than what meets the eye. At one point Sylvester says of himself: “Underworld folk call me Sylvester The Jester. But until Thou knows me better thou cannot call me at all.” This would seem to indicate he has a calling name like a magic user or a member of the elf race. This fact has led to some fans speculating that Sylvester is merely masquerading as a jester and in fact has a lot more power then he lets on.

Sylvester The Jester was played by Nick Collett (who had appeared in the Knightmare VR Pilot as both the voices of Lissard & Despair The Gargoyle [and before that in Timebusters]) his character drew mixed reactions from Knightmare fans. Some were intrigued by the prospect of a Jester who wasn't a straightforward ‘Good guy’ while others were less then enthused by this new jester. A lot seemed to be of the opinion that it may have been better had he not shared his first name with a famous character from the show’s original run.

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