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1. Stephanie Hesp
 [Related Image] Actress from Gravesend who played Elita in Series 5-6 of Knightmare, Pixel in Series 5 and Heggatty in Series 6. She reportedly went on to appear in BBC series TimeBusters. She also put the Hesp into thespian when she assisted at Mark Knight's acting workshop for children at London's Shakespeare Globe Museum on 30th January 1993. She has appeared on Thames TV's Crime Monthly too.

As little is known of Stephanie's personal life as of her professional life. Issue 1-2 of The Quest (Spring 1992) had news of her marriage to actor Neil Wood, with a wedding photo:

 [Related Image]

Stephanie Hesp was voted Best Female Actress In Knightmare in 2005 in a Discussion Forum thread entitled 'The first official Knightmare awards!'

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