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1. Skarkill
From TES issue 16 (July 2002)

Series 5/6. Level 1/2/3.
 [Related Image] Skarkill was introduced as one of the new Opposition in series 5, more specifically as Lord Fear's Goblin Master. This effectively meant that he was in charge of co-ordinating the efforts of Fear's goblin horde to capture dungeoneers. Rayner Bourton was the actor responsible for Skarkill, and wore an eye patch, ragged chainmail and numerous scars for the role. His manner was gruff and threatening, and his menacing leer and continual bloodthirsty use of the expression "Lovely!" clearly showed that he could be very dangerous.
We can only guess the details of how Skarkill acquired all his injuries and his hostile nature. All we do know is that he patrolled the Dungeon with his two goblins, Grippa and Rhark, and was under orders from Fear to put an end to the quest, which would involve locking the dungeoneer in manacles and taking them to Mount Fear. However, Skarkill's mercenary roots betrayed him as he was sometimes prepared to let the dungeoneer go if they were able to bribe him, opting for more instant rewards than his master had perhaps promised.
It was the lack of a gold bar that led to Richard II's death in series 5. The team had failed to take the gold they needed from Ariadne's lair, and Skarkill laughed cruelly at their attempt to fob him off with a goblin horn before making Richard a victim for him. Often, however, Skarkill's loyalty to Fear overrode his desire for gold. In series 5, Catherine and Sarah were both forced to use Pixel to get rid of Skarkill, Ben I had to call on Gwendoline for help, Alex I called on Sir Hugh, Chris III used a honey jar full of bees to scare him off, then Ben II in series 6 used a pooka against him. In short, Skarkill was not that easily beaten, and failure meant an end to the quest.
All that, of course, is just one side to Skarkill. The side we saw when he was around Lord Fear was somewhat different: more fawning, more respectful, and certainly more frightened. In series 5, we saw the two speaking through Fear's crystal ball, when Skarkill would often blame his goblins for his failure to catch dungeoneers, or ask for a pay rise. Fear treated him with contempt most of the time. In series 6, we really saw this relationship developed, not least because one of Skarkill's legs had been injured during a scuffle with Tiny the hobgoblin, so Skarkill spent most of his time hanging around Mount Fear with his master; in fact, he made only two appearances in the Dungeon in series 6. This new role for the character allowed him to become more of a right-hand man and confident to Lord Fear, a role filled by Lissard in the subsequent two series.
Although it was clear that Fear was still very much in charge, he and Skarkill discussed the implementation of some very evil plans, the main one being the acquisition and taming of a red dragon. Coupled with Skarkill's tendency to hang around Mount Fear, this plan was the Goblin Master's undoing. When Red Death crashed on Mount Fear, Skarkill's other leg was also crippled, rendering his services useless to Lord Fear. Personally, I liked Skarkill and found his threats very real. When his role changed in series 6, I found that it added an extra dimension to both Fear and Skarkill's characters, and I enjoyed the exchanges between them. It is a shame that Skarkill did not return for series 7, but Lissard filled his role as Lord Fear's confidant admirably. The trouble was that that was all he really did do, but that's another story...
 [Related Image] Fear Factor: 7 He was a real threat and no pushover.
Humour Rating: 3 He liked to join Lord Fear in his malign merriment.
Killer Instinct: 7 Ready and willing, and proved himself able.
Oscar Standard: 8 A really believable baddie.

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2. Skarkill
Skarkill the long-suffering Goblin Master played a prominent role in the Knightmare-based audio play, Famous For Retreating, in which he was played with appropriate gravelly sadism by Alec Downs.

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3. Skarkill
When Richard Temple, known more simply as Ricky, signed up to the Forum as Skarkill in November 2003, the Knightmare fan community gained one of its most dedicated creative contributors.

Ricky has revealed that his interest in Knightmare began under less-than-pleasant circumstances in 1990:

'My earliest memory (In fact My first) Is of watching an episoed of Knightmare S4 while I was off sick from school recovering from an epelecptic fit. I was laying on the couch feeling bored and slitly deppresed .

[... When the episode started] I assumed it was a cartoon watching the main titles when I saw Treagurd however I became disintrested assuming it was some sort of kids dramar series like CBBC's Grange Hill witch I never watch so I tuned out.

However as the show progressed I found myself drawn to it and when I relised it was a game show/dramr for kids I became hooked even if I didn't quite understand it.

I was off for 3 more weeks and Knightmare cheerd my up ever Friday and continued to do so after I returned to school.

If not for that Epeleptic Fit I don't think I would ever have seen Knightmare.'

Ricky's Discussion Forum trademark involved greeting new members in the manner of Skarkill, his favourite Knightmare character. His enthusiasm for Skarkill was clear: he has used or quoted the goblin master's catchphrase "Lovely!" over 250 times in his posts (which number over 1000). Many users have been happy to engage with Ricky's in-character posts: 'As Skarkill I'm [the Discussion] Forums ressident Goblin Master and Bad Guy, I commit any number of crimes including Spellcasting Snowwie in to the CoB and stealing Elita's voice.' Having said that, Ricky has also succeeded in making many posts as himself, in which he has shared opinions on Knightmare and its characters. He has also posted on Knightmare Back-Up.

Ricky has been notably active as a writer of Knightmare fanfiction (including filks). He contributed to Interactive Story #2, Interactive Story #3 and Interactive Story #4; and several of his fanfics have been published in The Eye Shield, along with articles on Knightmare and other children's TV series. Ricky is also credited as a co-writer of Famous For Retreating.

Ricky's appetite for Knightmare-themed roleplaying has taken him to almost every relevant forum going, including Castle Anthrax and KMBS. But where he really made his mark was on Knightmare Roleplay. Back in December 2003, the concept was unfamiliar to Ricky, who asked: 'I hope I don't seem Thick or out BUT what are you ment to do on role playing Forums ?' However, he quickly left his confusion far behind, and took to the Knightmare Roleplay Forum like a duck to water. Within months, his keenness and dedication had earned him a promotion to Moderator, and to date, he has played over 9 main characters there (not to mention several minor ones). Covering a broad range of genres, they showcased his interest in exploring Knightmare beyond what was seen on the TV screen, and his enthusiasm for strong characters from other TV series. Ricky's Knightmare Roleplay Forum characters have included:

- Skarkill. Ricky explored sides to Skarkill that hadn't been revealed in the episodes. This version of Skarkill died protecting Kully, though he would later return from the dead with his sister Sinstar.

- Edward Deal

- Count Brinkatore's son, Marcus.

- Tom Troughton. A 'hobo magician' of the Alzan race. Heartily inspired by Doctor Who and named after two of the actors who have played the Doctor, Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton.

- Leytan. A half-Atlantean, half-Winterian mercenary. Leytan's adventures in the Fire & Ice gang with Vyrrian Wren and other associates have since been chronicled in a number of fanfics.

- Zeytan. Leytan's half-brother from Atlantis. He has a pet mire-crab, Malark.

- Shadow Voice. A shady informant who was often seen smoking a cigarette.

- King Hydrass. Leader of the Serpent Men, who worshipped the Dreaded Kar (seen in Knightmare Series 3).

- Salamanda. A wily Mexican trader.

- Drago Lestrade. Though a former member of the Airwan (the order of dragon wardens to which Romahna of Knightmare Series 7 belonged), he continued to ride a dragon: a firedrake named Lokie.

- Anton Wolfram. An investigator in pursuit of Leytan.

- Esmeralda Bulstrode. Daughter of the troll king seen at the end of Series 7 of Knightmare.

In total, Ricky has made over 1785 posts on Surrounds. At one point in the forum's existence, one fifth of its activity could be credited directly to him.

In January 2014, Ricky returned to the forums with renewed vigour and the promise of more Knightmare fanfiction and roleplay. These included new characters on Surrounds and several fanfics published on as RickyTheGoblinMaster. In May 2014, he attended the Knightmare Convention dressed as Skarkill. It seems his fellow fans can continue to expect plenty of irons in their diet.

As for Ricky/Skarkill's own appetite, it is hoped that he will find inspiration in Knightmare, and share it with the KM community, for a long time to come.

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