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1. Sister Lucienne
Character in the Fortress of Assassins gamebook section.

Years before Buffy the vampire slayer, there was Sister Lucienne. Clad in white robes, she is a young member of a special order of nuns that is dedicated to hunting down vampires for extermination.

Unlike Buffy, who only has to impale a vampire to destroy it, Lucienne goes a little further: after stabbing a vampire with a hawthorn stake, she decapitates it and stuffs garlic in its mouth. What some would call obsession, others call aftercare.

Sister Lucienne can be encountered in the Fortress of Assassins gamebook section, struggling against an abbot-turned-vampire in a crypt. I regret to say that in terms of the quest, it is not an advantageous encounter. To avoid falling victim to the vampire, the player must waste a crucifix or the highly useful MJOLLNIR spell. Although Lucienne is grateful, she gives nothing in return except for the vampire's shark tooth necklace, which has no use in the quest. It is better for the player not to open the door to the crypt in the first place. Nevertheless, Sister Lucienne is an intriguing character who could have made a fascinating addition to Knightmare.

Sister Lucienne featured in the Knightmare Audio Series Summer Special 2016, where she was played by Rosey Collins.

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