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1. Robin John Barlow
Full offline birth name of Knightmare fan Mashibinbin. With the exception of assorted 'CITV Presenter' and 'Generic Dungeoneer' characters, Robin John Barlow is the only person ever to have played himself in a Knightmare RPG, thanks to a tongue-in-cheek cameo filmed for RPG7.

In May 2014, Robin once again played a version of himself in a Knightmare setting. At the Knightmare Convention, Robin served as the sporadically hapless assistant to Lord Fear in the chat show spoof Late Night with Lord Fear. He was commended by Mark Knight for his performance (quiet at the back).

In 2017, Robin's two-part article '30 Years of Knightmare Memories' was published on, with contributions by David (Drassil).

See also: Hordriss, Ah Mok

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