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1. Red Dwarf
A popular British science-fiction comedy series about the inhabitants of a spaceship, Red Dwarf. It has several indirect connections to Knightmare:
 [Related Image] Craig Charles, who starred in Red Dwarf as Dave Lister, was given honorary KAC membership in 1992. According to Volume 2, Number 1 of The Quest, 'Craig has joined the fans of Knightmare after working with the Production Team in one of our new series - CYBERZONE.'

David Verrey, who appeared in Knightmare as McGrew and Golgarach, appeared in Red Dwarf's final episode Only The Good... as Big Meat.
Cliff Barry, who played Lissard and Brother Strange in KM, played the Prison Warder in Red Dwarf episode Krytie TV (here). This means that he acted in the eighth series of both programmes.

Red Dwarf featured a feline humanoid (known as The Cat), as have the later seasons of the Knightmare RPG (Ruke and Toddy).

Mel Bibby, who worked on Red Dwarf and Cyberzone, also designed the Knightmare Series 8 antechamber.

Hugo Myatt's partner, Jackie Vance, was post-production supervisor on Red Dwarf X in 2012.

In Issue 51 of The Eye Shield, Jake Collins revealed that Red Dwarf was eighth in his personal top ten of science fiction and fantasy TV programmes.

In one episode of Red Dwarf, titled Back To Reality, the characters wrongly believe that their lives up to that point were an illusion. Mashibinbin made reference to this in the Knightmare Discussion Forum's Interactive Story #4:

Lord Fear had just stepped through the left hand door and was greeted by a woman in headphones.

"Oh Mark thanks heavens you've finally come out of that place. We've been after you all for some time but you've all been so immersed in your roles since we announced Knightmare was cancelled and just plainly refused to come out of character. We even tried bringing more and more reality in via the ever increasing presence of Christmas but to no avail. But now, to quote a well known BBC2 comedy series you're BACK TO REALITY!"

Similarly, the holographic character of Al in Drassil's fanfic The Endless Quest alludes to Red Dwarf's holographic character Arnold Rimmer at various points.

The Red Dwarf episode White Hole gave rise to a running in-joke among Knightmare Chat visitors. It ran hard, but fortunately not far.

The two-part Red Dwarf episode Pete, in which a bird devolved into a tyrannosaur, provided the inspiration for the introduction of Dinosaur Name to the Knightmare Roleplay Forum in 2012.

Knightmare Series 3 featured red dwarf tunnels in Level 1.

All the above connections were, it turns out, merely starters. As of August 2013, "Dinner is served!" That was when Red Dwarf's mindful mechanoid Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) acted as the presenter of YouTube's Geek Week, which included a new episode of Knightmare. Kryten duly mentioned Knightmare in two videos.

In Episode 6 of BBC game show I Love My Country on 14th September 2013, contestants were asked to guess three British TV theme tunes, the second of which was Knightmare. Frank Skinner's team guessed Red Dwarf.

Tom Bell, who has appeared in Knightmare Live as Lord Fear, is reported to have a forthcoming appearance in the first episode of Red Dwarf XII.

Also, Knightmare featured gemstones among its clue objects, and gems backwards is...

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