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1. RPG Season 3
The 3rd season of the Knightmare RPG was the first one to make use of film as the quest medium.

It was filmed in Manchester in early April 2001.

For this season, only 4 people made an appearence as regular characters. Gareth, Lucy, Mel Hoyle and Adam Battersby played the main characters, while Lucy's boyfriend Jeff was present at the film shoot.

The 3rd season was aired from September to October 2001, and ran for around 6 of the projected 16 sessions due to time constraints and technical errors.

The RPG was run in the Knightmare Chat room, accessed via Interactive Knightmare and was edited by Adam Battersby. The Magic Mirror was maintained by Forester.

Audio recordings were made for Treguard, the Dungeon Master (see Treguard (RPG)), and was voiced by Kieran. Sadly these recordings were never used, yet the character made his onscreen debut in RPG Season 4.

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