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1. Quest Room
 [Related Image] Lord Fear's name in Series 8 for the vault in Marblehead where he stored quest objects. He specified that "the Cup and the Sword and all the other useless baubles" where stored there. Team 6 of Series 8 saw Lord Fear banish a kidnapped Hordriss and his body cage there.

Motley and Stiletta later described the Quest Room (without naming it) as "the big chamber where Lord Fear hides certain magic objects. Like swords and shields and crowns and cups". This implied that any and all of the "classic quest" objects could be find there during Series 8.
 [Related Image] It would seem that concealment of the quest objects was more important to Lord Fear than security. The Quest Room's own lock needed only an ordinary looking metal key that Motley had been able to acquire. Moreover, the key was manipulable by Powers that Be devices i.e. the Reach wand, which projected the key towards the Quest Room's wooden door. There were raining fireballs in front of the door but these did little to impede capable intruders.
 [Related Image] When the team reached the Quest Room interior, the section seen by the watchers included Hordriss, the Crown and a large pit. Hordriss, once uncaged, exited with Dunstan through the portal Lord Fear had previously entered through: a rare example of a dungeon doorway being used for both purposes. The defeated Lord Fear had fled to the foreground, suggesting at least one other Quest Room exit.

Had other teams reached the Quest Room, they might have encountered guards. Team 3 of Series 8 learned that Bhal-Shebah had been tasked with guarding the quest object. Team 3 of Series 8 heard Lord Fear arranging for Snapper-Jack to guard the Cup in place of Bhal-Shebah. Team 7 of Series 8 learned that Lissard had placed a "second but false shield", identical to the true Shield, in the chamber, with a fireball set to engulf anybody who touched the wrong one.

Lord Fear also referred to the Quest Room as "the Quest Chamber", as did Lissard. Lord Fear called it "the cold store" too, though this was probably just to belittle the captive Hordriss. His use of fireballs within the room would have raised the temperature at any rate.

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