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1. Quantum Leap
American science-fiction series. Like Knightmare, Quantum Leap began in the late 1980s (1989), ended in the 1990s (1993), and was subsequently repeated on The Sci-Fi Channel a few years later. Both series used chromakey technology.

Various members of the Knightmare fan community have made it known that they are fans of Quantum Leap as well. One was Future_Boy, whose Discussion Forum username is also the title of a Quantum Leap episode and character. Joining the forum in late October 2003, Future_Boy posted about various Series 5 quests and Hugo Myatt's ChuckleVision appearance, before his short spell of posting ceased in the following month. (FutureBoy1982, who'd joined the forum in January 2003 and posted just twice, was presumably the same person.) Another of the KM community's Quantum Leap fans is Drassil, who has written four crossover fanfics that bring Quantum Leap's central characters to the Knightmare Dungeon. The first of these stories, Enter, Leaper, incorporates background information on Quantum Leap for readers unfamiliar with the programme.

The time travel mission that forms the central plot of The Dragon's Lair bears similarities to the premise of Quantum Leap, though this may be merely coincidental. Likewise, Belisarius, an historical figure mentioned by Charon in The Sorcerer's Isle gamebook, happens to be the name of the production company responsible for Quantum Leap; though this is surely little more than coincidence.

Quantum Leap has been discussed by various Knightmare Chat visitors, including Billy ('WE'VE BEEN WATCHING FOR FIVE YEARS AND HE NEVER LEAPED HOME?! Was the ending of Knightmare the words 'Lord Fear won'? No! Did Only Fools and Horses end with 'They never did become millionaires again and now they're both dead'? Hell no! If they do that for Life on Mars I'm sticking my foot through the TV screen.'), Mashibinbin ('an emotive [final] episode for sure') and snowwiewolf ('bingo, bango, bongo ... yay for Quantum Leap :P').

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