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1. Power To Rule
Level 3 clue object from the quest of Team 7 of Series 8. Power To Rule, which appeared to be a jar of white pills, was accompanied by a clue scroll that read: 'She who would be queen is your only hope.' This implied that the team should take the Power To Rule, and they did. It's probable that the Power To Rule was intended to be given to Maldame in exchange for crucial assistance, but the series ended before anything could be done with it. It is a shame to think that there was an undeveloped end-of-season plotline therein.

The nature of Power To Rule remains unclear, but as it stands, the idea that one could get definitive dominative authority from just a jar is a farce. Arguably, the only things more ridiculous would be having a potion labelled 'Instant Quest Win', or maybe having some kind of magic passageway that allowed teams to skip an entire level of the Dungeon. Oh, hang on...

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