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1. Paul McIntosh
An early stalwart of the Knightmare fan community, born 4th December 1977. Paul, who hailed from Newcastle, auditioned to be a Knightmare contestant in Series 4 and a later series, but was unsuccessful. Member No. 25 of the Knightmare Adventurers' Club, Paul's name appeared in the very first issue of The Quest (he'd written a letter about Morghanna and Velda) and was credited as 'our greatest fan' when his fanfic Return To Knightmare Castle was published in Volume 2, Issue 2.

Following the closure of the Knightmare Adventurers' Club with The Quest, Issue 4-2, Paul McIntosh launched a Knightmare fanzine, The Eye Shield (TES for short), in December 1995. Keen to promote it, Paul even arranged for TES to be mentioned on the Sci-Fi Channel, which was repeating Knightmare at that time. This occurred in February 1996, in the form of a '15-second address card'. Paul also succeeded in involving his family, with his 'esteemed brother Richard' contributing to TES, and father Alexander helping with production. In September 1996, Paul launched the Bring Back Knightmare (BBK) campaign via Issue 4 of TES.

By December 1997, after 9 issues of The Eye Shield, Paul was ready to cease the fanzine: 'Unfortunately, over the past year or so, [readers'] efforts have faded so much that I cannot continue to produce 32 pages four times a year.' There were also demands on his time from studying and work. However, after the inception of in 1999, Paul supplied the website with TES' original files, transforming TES into an internet fanzine and widening his renown. With Paul's endorsement, TES recommenced in 2001 with Jake Collins, a prolific contributor to the original run, as its new editor. Many of Paul's TES articles have now been reproduced in the IKM Lexicon.

In an interview in TES Issue 15, Paul stated that his favourite Knightmare series was Series 3, and that his favourite characters were Pickle ('I've always liked him. He seemed to add a bit of excitement and urgency when a quest needed it') and Mogdred ('always totally sinister, totally evil and very rarely defeated'). Paul's more recent visible involvement with TES includes a letter published in Issue 46, July 2007 ('I've been leafing through some of the recent Eye Shield editions - excellent work').
 [Related Image] Paul McIntosh no longer maintains an active presence in the Knightmare fan community, but his dedication to it has not been forgotten. Various tweets made by @mcintoshpaul on Twitter, not to mention Paul's attendance of the Knightmare Convention in 2014, have shown that Paul has not forgotten Knightmare either.

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2. Paul McIntosh
Paul McIntosh should be a big name in the world of Knightmare, but he isn't. After the death of the Knightmare Adventurers Club, Paul started a fanzine called The Eye Shield. This had a small but dedicated fan base, the only two readers remaining active on the Knightmare scene being Pooka and Jake Collins. It was within the pages of TES that the Bring Back Knightmare campaign was born.

TES closed down after nine issues, but Paul kept in contact with a few of his readers/correspondents, and after gaining internet access, discovered The Home Page Of Knightmare run by Johnny Burkhart. Soon afterwards, Illusion created, and the word was spread.

After a couple of years, Pooka put Paul and Illusion back into contact with each other, and a section on was set up dedicated to TES. This included a reanimation of the BBK campaign which sparked huge interest and many new visitors to the site. Soon afterwards, Jake Collins took over the reins of editorship, and began to write new, online editions of TES.

Although he hasn't been seen or heard from in a long time, it is almost definite that without Paul, the Knightmare community would not be the same as it is today.

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