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1. Paper Rock Scissors
 [Related Image] Two-player game, thought to have been devised in China between the First and Third Centuries. The players must confront each other simultaneously with rock, paper or scissors, each represented by a hand sign. The winner is determined on the threefold understanding that a rock would blunt a pair of scissors, scissors would cut a piece of paper, and paper would cover a rock. Paper Rock Scissors has many international variations, and several alternative names as a consequence.
 [Related Image] Knowledge of Paper Rock Scissors was helpful to teams on Knightmare, as it sometimes formed the basis of a causeway puzzle. The one pictured above appeared on Level 1 of Team 2 of Series 5's quest.

The second picture (from the quest of Team 4 of Series 5) shows that on occasion, a pertinent clue scroll would be found prior to such a causeway.

A Paper Rock Scissors causeway was also encountered by Team 6 of Series 5.
 [Related Image] Advisor Ray, from Team 4 of Series 5, claims that this photograph of him and David Learner shows them playing Rock Paper Scissors. However, they may simply have been about to shake hands.

On 25/11/2005, Billy Hicks introduced to Knightmare Chat a version of Rock Paper Scissors with Knightmare equivalents, called Olgarth Scroll Sword. Perhaps this was inspired by Olgarth's question to Team 5 of Series 2 about the game, or maybe it is simply a pleasant coincidence.

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