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1. Natasha Pope
 [Related Image] Natasha Pope played Velda, Morghanna and Brangwen in Knightmare Series 3. She is known to have had two other small television roles - as Bristowe's pregnant girlfriend in the Inspector Morse episode 'Cherubim & Seraphim', first aired in April 1992, and as Kate Jordan in a 2003 episode of The Bill.

She has also had parts in the following theatre productions:

- 'Gaudete', adapted from the epic poem by Ted Hughes (Almeida Theatre, London, October 1986).

- 'Dead Soil' by Franz Xaver Kroetz (Leicester Haymarket Theatre, March 1992). Natasha played the daughter, based on Gretel from the German fairy tale.
 [Related Image] - 'Blood Wedding' by Federico García Lorca (Leicester Haymarket Theatre, October 1992). Natasha played the Bride.

- 'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas (Leicester Haymarket Theatre, November 1992).

- 'Frankenstein', adapted from the novel by Mary Shelley (Leicester Haymarket Theatre, December 1992). Natasha played Mary Shelley and Elizabeth.

- 'Macbeth', adapted from the play by William Shakespeare (Leicester Haymarket Theatre, February 1993). Natasha played Lady Macduff and the gentlewoman who speaks with Lady Macbeth's doctor. A review in The Independent praised both of her scenes as highlights: "the murder of Lady Macduff and her children is an understated, quiet scene, in which Natasha Pope creates a warm, gentle portrait of domestic harmony, worlds away from the savagery of the Macbeths".
 [Related Image] - 'Hamlet?', adapted from Shakespeare (Young Vic Theatre, London, April 1994). Natasha played Queen Gertrude and Ophelia. A Financial Times review opined: "She lacks the vocal weight for the faintly floozy queen (red bouffant, vivid lipstick); but the image of Ophelia's mad scene evokes a blend of punk and pre-war Berlin cabaret, as she belts 'How should I your true love know?' into a mike. She cuts a vaguely expressionistic figure, a frowsy version of Wedekind's Lulu perhaps, in her clinging fur-hemmed frock and clown's blue and white banded knee-socks."

- 'Grimm Tales' by Carol Ann Duffy (Young Vic Theatre, London, December 1994). Natasha played Ashputtel, better known as Cinderella.

All of the above were directed by Julia Bardsley, except Grimm Tales directed by Tim Supple. Other stage roles have included Cathy Raine in 'The Imitation Game' by Ian McEwan, the title character in 'Miss Julie' by August Strindberg, and magistrate Hesther Salomon in 'Equus' by Peter Shaffer.

Natasha's website can be found here.

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