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1. Morgaine
A character who appears in RPG Season 5, and the seasons following. Her full title is Morgaine of Evil, which somewhat clarifies her Opposition position.

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Morgaine has been described as 'an evil witch-bitch'. She has an abiding malevolence, and the power to back it up - and she revels in both. Just as Gabriel has "CHEBUGI!", Morgaine has "Bzzt!", a morsel of spoken onomatopoeia to confirm that she has zapped someone. She loves to be in control; and her ownership of a small whip suggests an aspiring dominatrix in more ways than one.
 [Related Image] Morgaine's fashion has changed over time, as have her assistants. Robust as she is, she can't do without support. And so it is that, in spite of all her evil deeds, her ample bosom has long been the more prominent talking point. Its exact measurement is a secret that is closely held only by a select few. Possibly unlike the breasts themselves.

It's rumoured that, were Morgaine ever formally to enter our realm, she would love nothing more than to break into regional news... studios. A likely target would apparently be Gordon Burns.

The beauty of Morgaine of Evil is not in her looks - Heavens no - it's in the fact that an encounter with her is just as likely to leave you shaking with laughter as quaking with fear. She is dangerously entertaining.

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Morgaine's name comes from a Doctor Who character, though her portrayal owes more to T-Bag. She is played by Dave, who's also played Funkus.

'Morgaineofevil' was an occasional visitor to Knightmare Chat in 2005, and has paid further visits to the chatroom from 2008 onwards, sometimes using screen name variations such as 'morgaineisevil'. Morgaine of Evil also joined the Knightmare Boarding School with a view to becoming a teacher, but this did not come to fruition.


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