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1. Mines of Malapith
Location mentioned by Brother Mace to Team 1 of Series 5. The monk informed the team that Julius Scaramonger might be able to provide them with directions to the Mines of Malapith; however, no such information was shared during the team's encounter with Scaramonger. The Mines of Malapith were also mentioned in Series 6, by Lord Fear. "I have sent Skarkill and his little monsters beyond the Great Snake Pit and through the Mines of Malapith," he told Greystagg during the quest of Team 6 of Series 6.

In addition, the Mines of Malapith featured in Mindscape's 1991 Knightmare computer game. In the introductory story (by Tim Child) found in the game's manual, Pickle cites the mines as a location that has endured in spite of Dungeon phase shifts, so much so that it is part of an arcane map kept in Knightmare Castle. The mines, where the Shield of Justice could be found, were referred to as old goblin breeding grounds, with a resident, artificially hybridised hobgoblin named Haag. This gives background to another of the references on Knightmare: during Quest 6 of Series 5, Skarkill asked Lord Fear to provide him with a hybrid goblin from Malapith.

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2. Mines of Malapith
When Team 6 of Season 5 found a spyglass, they looked into it and saw Lord Fear talking with Skarkill as the goblin master was complaining about Grippa and Rhark. Skarkill then asked Lord Fear: "Couldn't I have some of those big hybrid goblins from Malapith, eh?" He might have been referring to hobgoblins, hence Malapith would be Tiny's home.

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