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1. Mark Knight
A bag maker from Manchester, Mark Knight began his Knightmare career in Season 5.

After his acting ventures in 'The Quest' (1986), Mark was invited along to the audtions for the new lead of the Opposition, Lord Fear. Mark duly won the role, and also took up the role of Sir Hugh De Witless, which has been reported to be his favourite of the characters he played.

Mark stayed with Knightmare until the very end in Season 8, playing characters such as Ah Wok and Rothberry along the way, as well as pretending to be Brother Strange for one quest in Season 8 [and Harris for one quest in Series 6].
 [Related Image] Of course, Mark is best known for his role of Lord Fear, the new leader of the Opposition for Series 5, supposedly taking over from Mogdred. Fatilla did remark that he was working for 'old skullface' during Series 4, yet whether or not it was a reference to Lord Fear is unknown.

During his time on the show, Mark developed a friendship with Clifford Barry, indeed it was Mark who initially aided Clifford to appear Knightmare, and was Clifford's best man at his wedding several years later.

After the demise of Knightmare, Mark continued to work in the theatre, and began working for a computer company shortly afterwards.

Mark also appeared in the Broadsword show Timebusters alongside fellow Knightmare actors Iona Kennedy, Michael Cule, Samantha Perkins and Stephanie Hesp, had a walk-on part in EastEnders and in 2001 signed the guestbook.

In late 2001, Mark was interviewed by Kieran for the Knightmare website, and has since acted as the judge in the Caption Competition for the gold and red shield from Season 7 in late 2004. To show his dedication to the show and general fanbase, Mark even became a member of the NKTP forums in 2002 [and the Forum some time later].

Mark has recently been acting on the stage again, and has made audio recordings for the Knightmare VR Pilot, reprising his role of Lord Fear.

Many fans hope Mark will return for the new series of Knightmare VR, and judging by his responses from the 2001 interview, it will not be through lack of willingness if he does not.

[Addendum by Lexicon moderator:

In 2012, Mark Knight was interviewed by James Aukett for James' Knightmare 25th Anniversary documentary. The interview was conducted via Skype: Mark had emigrated to Philadelphia in the USA.

In July 2013, Mark travelled back to the UK to reprise the role of Lord Fear in a new episode of Knightmare, released in August 2013 as a part of YouTube's Geek Week. Mark had caused much excitement among fans by letting the news slip online several days ahead of the press release. During filming, which took place in Norwich on July 24th-25th, Mark was interviewed by ITV Anglia. He also recorded a video message for the forum with the help of Alan Boyd.

In 2014, Mark was a guest at the Knightmare Convention. He performed in character as Lord Fear in Late Night with Lord Fear and the Midnight Hunt activity. Fans also got to see him as Veerash in Lords of the Game.]

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