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1. Mannaz
 [Related Image] Also known as manwaz, mannaz is a member of the rune alphabet, and is equivalent to the modern M. Like the runes algiz and gar, mannaz has been featured on Knightmare. Team 10 of Series 2 found a mannaz talisman in Level 3, and used it to summon Merlin, who then described it as a "calling card". It is unclear how the rune's significance as a symbol of self and humanity might relate to this function, if it all; but its status as the 'm-rune' certainly does.
 [Related Image] In later quests (e.g. the quest by Team 11 of Series 3), a letter M was used in Merlin's usual Level 3 'summoning place' instead of mannaz, harking back to the listening key of Series 1.

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