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1. Magical Kingdoms RPG
A fantasy roleplay forum, started in 2003 and run by Sharek.

Locations on the forum include:

Wolfenden ('The Capital City of Wolfglade and where the honerble, elected King Sharek lives with Citerzens')
Horngarth woods
Rocks of Bruin
Goth City
Linghorm Palace ('This is where the Warlock lives')
Ariadne Caverns ('Ariadne is the capital city of the goblins'), Marble Head Fortress ('If you break a law you come here. You got little chance of escape.')
Smirkenorff Woods

These names suggest that the forum was inspired by Knightmare, though that is not explicitly acknowledged anywhere on the forum, and Magical Kingdoms RPG was never publicised on the Knightmare forums.

Members of Magical Kingdoms RPG had over 30 'jobs' available, including zombie, new reporter (sic), Goblin King, genie, crimelord, Wizard Knight, Dark Healer and waiter.

Magical Kingdoms RPG never achieved popularity, and at the time of writing has just 6 posts (3 of them duplicates), the last having been made in May 2003.

Magical Kingdoms RPG can be found here.

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