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1. Lucifer
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Lucifer was a well-established Knightmare RPG character. Initially developed as a one-season character for RPG Season 4, Lucifer made unexpected reappearances in RPG Season 5 and lasted until the end of RPG Season 6. He was an evil overlord, member of the Opposition, and was portrayed and developed by Kieran, building upon an initial creation by Adam Battersby.

In Season 4, Lucifer was part of a group called The Artists (also sometimes known as The Writers), an evil group with a flair for appearing high-class and intelligent. This group, which also included Ambrose, was disbanded between Seasons 4 and 5, and it was revealed that they had all been killed and thought of as destroyed.

Lucifer survived, however, and in Season 5 became a malevolent dark overlord, entering into an alliance with Morgaine, and later on with Lord Wraith. Although not a minion of Wraith, Lucifer was the next step down on the rung from Wraith, and as this continued into Season 6, Wraith and Lucifer shared a friendly rivalry, attempting to outdo each other without any open hostility, banding together when needed to eliminate Dungeoneers.

Lucifer gained a minion during Season 6 - the half-cat, half-human known as Ruke. Although also friendly with Isárion, Ruke was fiercely loyal to Lucifer, and did all his biddings without question.

As of RPG Season 7, Lucifer's whereabouts are unknown.

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