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1. Lord Fear (RPG)
While formidable Knightmare characters such as Merlin and Treguard survived to be seen and heard within the fan-created Knightmare RPG continuum, Lord Fear is one who did not. During a spyglass scene in Session 11 of RPG Season 2, the Unholy King acknowledged Lord Fear as his Opposition predecessor and described the questionably inglorious fate that befell the technosorcerer:

"He was deafened by that massive bell of his in Linghorn, or MarbleHead [sic], whatever one it was. Anyway, because he became deaf, he was deemed unfit to lead the opposition and so he was sent the the troll pens as a cuddly toy for them, and naturally Sylvester Hands was made ruler. That soon changed since he only managed to have a once every month [sic], and that was an improvement!"

In the fifteenth and final session of the season, there was a further and markedly bizarre mention of Lord Fear. After repelling a long-awaited horde of zombies, Team 10 followed them through a vortex into the Unholy King's throne room and met Merlin there, who greeted them with:

"Dungeoneer. Hello. I don't know what you did to those zombies, but a few minutes ago Lord Fear had just sent 600 zombies through that vortex there. A minute later, and they all come back through the exit and stormed the room killing nearly everybody in it! Luckily I managed to get to safety..."

While these remarks apparently went unquestioned during the session, it seems highly likely that Merlin had called the Unholy King "Lord Fear" in error. One might speculate, though, on whether Merlin was revealing not advancing senility but sagely insight: could Lord Fear have escaped the troll pens, conjured up a hearing aid and reinvented himself as the Unholy King? Unless the world of KM fanfiction is kind to us, we may never know for certain.

Provided By: David, 2012-10-12 16:14:42
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2. Lord Fear (RPG)
Yes, that Lord Fear.

During RPG Season 2, the main Opposition character (see Unholy King) briefly mentioned Lord Fear, implying that he was a force somewhere in the Dungeon through Knightmare RPG continuity. A rogue plague of zombies were transported into the Dungeon at the end of said series, putting an apparent end to the Unholy King. These were said to have originated from Lord Fear himself.

Fear was not mentioned in RPG Season 3, but in RPG Season 4, a tie-in independent film was planned, explaining Knightmare continuity and expanding the story of the RPG. This was to feature Fear as a character, played by Forester. This film, sadly, was never made. During a spoof CITV sketch at the very end of the Season, Treguard (RPG) appeared in the studio, and announced to Matt, Rachel, Dinosaur Name and Zebza that Lord Fear had returned to the Dungeon.

Once again, Lord Fear was scheduled to appear, briefly, in RPG Season 5, as an older, more bitter Fear, acknowledging that Lord Wraith was his successor. This version of the character was to be played by the original actor, Mark Knight, but this never came to fruition, despite his name being on the original credits list.

The last time Fear was mentioned in the RPG was during another spoof CITV sketch, where Treguard answered a phone-in question, explaining that RPG Season 6 happened in "a different era... before Lord Fear and all that."

In summary, then, although everyone' favourite technomancer never actually appeared in the Knightmare RPG, he certainly existed within its continuity, and made his presence felt... in small ways, at least.

Provided By: Pooka, 2011-07-22 12:11:04
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