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1. Llyn Brianne
A large reservoir in the Cambrian Mountains of Mid Wales, constructed in the early 1970s to regulate the flow of the River Towy, ensuring a consistent supply of water to the population and industries around Swansea. Interesting features include the spectacular spillway and a flooded old farmhouse which can still be seen when the water levels are low. Llyn is Welsh for lake, while the name Brianne is thought to be a corruption of Bryniau, meaning hills.
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 5 and Team 4 of Series 5 both began their quests with a ride on Smirkenorff, who was waiting at the southern end of the reservoir.
 [Related Image] The dragon took off in a northeasterly direction across the water. The track around the perimeter of the lake is clearly visible on the forested hillside.
 [Related Image] He then veered to the right, towards a quarry which provided much of the rock for building the dam.
 [Related Image] Flying southeast over the quarry's rocky cliffs (also glimpsed during Team 2 of Series 6's flight sequence). The spillway and dam are just out of sight, to the right of this view.

A popular destination for walkers, mountain bikers, anglers and bird watchers, Llyn Brianne is located north of Llandovery, at the conjunction of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Powys counties. A detailed history of the reservoir can be found here.

The River Towy eventually flows into Carmarthen Bay, where the estuary is guarded by Llansteffan Castle.

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