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1. Limmy
Comedian, real name Brian Limond. Among the recurring sketches seen in his TV series Limmy's Show! are Adventure Call, depicting a fantasy roleplaying game played via phone-ins. In one Adventure Call sketch, the caller is annoyed by the character of Jingle the Jester (Kirstin McLean) and gives Falconhoof (Limmy) the instruction "Kill jester".

In a tweet by Limmy on 22 May 2015, a Twitch broadcast hosted by Limmy on 31 March 2020 (originally here; also on YouTube) and, via chat, in a YouTube Odyssey Twitch broadcast hosted by Claire Lim on 12 May 2020 (originally here), Limmy has confirmed that Jingle the Jester was inspired by the Knightmare characters Folly and Pickle.

During the Knightmare repeats on Challenge in the 2010s, many watchers displayed their knowledge of Adventure Call by live tweeting 'Kill jester' when Folly appeared.

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