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1. Lance
Lance appeared in RPG Season 4. He was a Neutral character, originally developed by Adam Battersby. Lance was played by Matt, who made his RPG debut as this character.

Lance was Robin's sidekick and was therefore the secondary member of The Foresters. Although he was not quite as good in combat as Robin, he was loyal to a fault and a good companion. He enjoyed the odd drink, especially with Robin, and he had a tendency to be a little foul-mouthed. He cared deeply for Robin, even in his darkest hours, and the two had a bond which was not easily broken. Lance never actually appeared on his own.

Because of the almost brotherly bond that the two shared, it was rumoured (but not known) that Lance's body contains some of the spirit of Little John just as Robin's contains that of Robin Hood. He certainly dressed similarly.

Lance was killed by Lord Wraith at the end of RPG Season 4 in an attempt by Wraith to retrieve a powerful amulet. This proved a fruitless gesture anyway, as Lance didn't have the amulet to begin with.

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