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 [Related Image] began in 1999, initially named, and is generally accepted as the 'official' Knightmare site.

The site is run by Nicholas Lam, better known as 'Illusion' on the Talk Knightmare forums. Many people have contributed information to the websites in the past, and has been the focal point of many Projects in the community such as FanFics, interviews with Actors, crew and contestants and behind the scenes clips from the show.

The website reports news to its fans, and is frequented by the creator of Knightmare himself, Tim Child.

The site also has a complete guide to Knightmare, including notes on its Conception and ultimate demise by Tim Child itself, the series history including Seasons, Teams and Winners and a small biography of all Characters who appeared in the program, as well as rare signed photographs from some of the Knightmare Actors.

The site also has a wide range of links including the Interactive Knightmare website, the NKTP website and the original US Knightmare Fans Website, and links for other Knightmare related forums.

Also attached to the site are the Talk Knightmare Forums which are always full of interesting topics and breaking news pieces.

What is more to say about the website, other than that it is the heart of the community?

[Lexicon Moderator's Note: this entry has not been updated. In 2009, Alan Boyd a.k.a. Mystara (an advisor on Team 6 of Series 8) took over as webmaster of, assisted by Keith McDonald a.k.a. KaM in the role of publisher. David (Drassil), Robin (Mashibinbin) and Chris (Hobgoblin) later joined the website staff.]

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In addition to being the name of a website as detailed above, became Illusion's new screen name on the Knightmare Discussion Forum in August 2008. In April 2009, he reverted to Illusion.

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