Knightmare Lexicon - A Knightmare Encyclopædia

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1. Knightmare Fanfic Compendium
A collection of links to Knightmare fanfiction available online, listed in roughly chronological order. It features over 180 stories and sketches by more than 80 different authors, published in a variety of locations including The Quest and The Eye Shield, and its discussion forum, FanFiction.Net, deviantART, Archive of Our Own, roleplay forums, NKTP, KMRAmDram, and fans' own websites and blogs.

The KFC, compiled by Canadanne in 2011, can be found here. Its name was suggested by David (Drassil), who thought the abbreviation would be "like a fan story that remains in the mind, linger fickin' good".

Provided By: Canadanne, 2018-02-05 13:28:56
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