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1. Knightmare Boarding School
Roleplay forum with a self-explanatory title.

The idea for the Knightmare Boarding School was first conceived by Emii (a.k.a. Kully) on Knightmare Back-Up in early September 2003, after hearing about a Harry Potter forum:

'Sounds like fun! Hey...shall we start up a kind of forum boarding school? We could all be in the different years and learn our own stuff! Teach random facts or...yes...'

Some enthusiastic discussion ensued. Although a board for the school was created on Knightmare Back-Up, it was ultimately deemed worthy of its own forum, which was open within weeks of the initial idea.
 [Related Image] The Knightmare Boarding School (KMBS for short) had three houses: Lily-Thorn (named partly in homage to Barry Thorne), Nettle-Rose and Fern-Camomile, echoing Knightmare's camps of Powers That Be, Opposition and Neutral respectively. Members of the forum included many constituents of the online Knightmare fan community who were active on its other forums (Aranel, Motley, Pickle ^_^, Pooka, Snowcat, Velda and others named below) as well as various newcomers.
 [Related Image] While most members joined to become students, some applied to be teachers. Staff included Thanatos (Offensive Magic), snowwiewolf (Magical Pyschology), Ringmasterrob (Advanced Magic), Morgaine Of Evil (Potions) and Malefact (Quasi-Existential Magic). KMBS was large: in addition to a dedicated board (i.e. classroom) for each subject, and three for each house (house itself, common room and dormitories), there were many areas of the school in which 'extra-curricular' storylines unfolded, such as Familiars' Quarters (where students kept their pets), The Kitchen, The Library (with a librarian, Callimpsest, played by Drassil) and The School Yard (which featured a statue, The Tin Child, named in honour of Tim Child). Emii remained a driving force behind KMBS, designing a uniform and map (both pictured here), and playing Kulaemii, one of the Deputy Headmistresses (PhoenixFlame was the other).

There was more enthusiasm among members for KMBS' roleplay storylines than for its lessons. Accordingly, a new roleplay forum covering the school's surrounds was created, into which plots and characters from KMBS could, and did, expand or cross over. As KMBS' popularity waned, Knightmare Roleplay grew. In April 2004, Emii closed the KMBS forum, citing 'lack of activity on the members' part and moderation on the admins' part'. The school was then recreated as a board/location within Knightmare Roleplay, and has played host to various storylines since. However, it did not restart as a functioning school, and in story terms, the Knightmare Boarding School has been abandoned due to structural instability - a sad end for one of the Knightmare community's most vibrant and imaginative ventures.

The original KMBS forum can be accessed here.

[Images courtesy of The Crystal Labyrinth.

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2. Knightmare Boarding School
The predecessor to Surrounds (Knightmare Roleplay), KMBS was a Knightmare themed school which taught magic, until it was closed.

Provided By: ringmasterrob, 2004-10-25 16:30:21
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