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1. Knightmare Back-Up
A forum which came into being in July 2003, due to demand (among forum users) for an online area where Knightmare fans could post together about topics other than Knightmare. Hence, it was also referred to as the 'Off-Topic Forum'.

Knightmare Back-Up had a recreational and friendly feel, fuelled by keen and heavy use in its early months. Sections of the forum include Games, Creative (where several members posted news of writing projects, both Knightmare-related and not), Knewbie board (a place for self-introduction and welcoming of new members - an idea subsequently embraced by the Discussion Forum) and Knightmare Boarding School (which was never used, since the KMBS, although conceived on Knightmare Back-Up, was given its own forum).

On various occasions when's forum (the 'main forum') was inaccessible, Knightmare Back-Up did fine service living up to its name.

Although Knightmare Back-Up had only a fraction of the number of members that the Discussion Forum has, many of them showed great enthusiasm and dedication, with some making more posts on the former than on the latter. Sadly, in spite of such zeal, Knightmare Back-Up's popularity waned over time, not helped by the crippling inattentiveness of the forum's moderators. Nevertheless, fond memories of its heyday live on. And posting or not, it can certainly still be read and enjoyed. Here.

Why does Knightmare Back-Up's web address centre around 'qwaz'? The answer to this lies in a comment made in June 2003 by its founder-to-be on the Knightmare Discussion Forum:

if my screen name hadn't been "pickle ^_^" or "pickle" (Grrr, taken ;D) then it would have been "Qwaz"
no real reason except that its what ive been on every other forum i been to :P when i came up with it i didnt have a reason but i have since learned that its very easy to type with all the letters clustered on the left ;D

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