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1. Knightmare Audio Series
Fan series in the style of Knightmare's early years (Series 1-3 with a soupçon of Series 4) presented in audio format.

The Audio Series is hosted at The first episode was released on July 12th 2010, with subsequent episodes being released at the reliable rate of one per calendar month, bringing the sixteen-episode series to an end on October 8th 2011.

Devised by Ross Thompson, developed by Ross Thompson & Jake Collins, written by Jake Collins, Rosey Collins, Ross Thompson & Gemma Dwarwood, and produced by Ross Thompson with occasional help from Jake Collins.

Featuring the voices of Jake Collins, Rosey Collins, Gemma Dwarwood, Ben Fieldhouse, Greg Ford, Becs Houghton-Berry, Roy Jackson, John Liu, Andy Marshall, Ellie Marshall, Juliet Thompson, Luke Thompson, Phil Thompson, Ross Thompson and Jacob Ward.

A Christmas Special (based on Series 4-8, and written by Rosey Collins with additional material by Jake Collins) was released on December 24th 2011. A Summer Special (again based on Series 4-8, and written by Jake Collins) was released on July 12th 2012, exactly two years after the first episode.

The second Christmas Special, featuring the debut of Amy Davies and written by Jake Collins, Rosey Collins & Ross Thompson, was released on December 24th 2012. The fourth and final in this quartet of specials was released on June 29th 2013, written by Jake & Rosey Collins.

The second series began on August 17th 2013. A new episode was released every other month until February 20th 2016. New cast members for the series were Clym Angus, Eddie Boshell, Catie Clark, John Dougrez-Lewis, Phoebe Hung, Olga Jach, Antony Jeffries, Stacey Johnson, Sara Lai, Jordan Munn, Matthew Narroway, Fionn Noonan, Martin Odoni, Zoe Okere, Roz Pearson, Antony Rowe, Euan Russell, Cassandra Smith, Ricky Temple, Mike Tyson, Damon Wakes and Alex Weaver.

The third Summer Special was released on June 24th 2016, featuring the debut of John Hughes. The third Christmas Special was released on December 24th 2016.

The fourth Summer Special will be released on June 24th 2017, featuring the debut of Melissa Chatterton. The fourth Christmas Special will be released on December 24th 2017.

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